Photograph courtesy of Ferrero USA Inc.
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Keebler Dip’mmms Fudge Stripes

Cookies include frosting designed to stack, build or invent new creations

Product Information - Packaged cookies

Supplier - Ferrero USA

Keebler Dip’mmms Fudge Stripes Minis S’mores are fudge-striped cookies packaged with  frosting for dipping. designed to allow users to stack, build or invent new creations, the supplier says. “Whether adding the frosting to a single cookie or using it to stack, build, or invent new creations—the possibilities are endless, the company says. Keebler Dip’mmms Fudge Stripes cookies are available in the following sizes: single packs for an SRP range of $1.79 to $2.29; and four-count multipacks for $6.99.

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