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NRS Ecommerce/BOSS Club Loyalty Solutions

Local shopping app enhances retailers’ digital presence from a single platform

Supplier - National Retail Solutions

National Retail Solutions introduces a host of solutions to serve retailers, including NRS Ecommerce, BOSS Club Loyalty Solutions, and a free delivery service to equip small businesses with a digital add-on service available for NRS point-of-sale customers. NRS Ecommerce offers an all-inclusive solution at an affordable price, with BOSS Local Shopping App able to enhance retailers’ digital presence to support consumer online shopping from a single platform. The app provides zero-cost delivery to merchants regardless of how many deliveries are fulfilled. A Customized Retail Website is a mobile-friendly, branded website that seamlessly connects to a POS system for order alerts, and more. Other solutions include Find My Biz, Manage My Reviews, and BOSS Club Loyalty Programs.