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Raise a Glass: C-Stores Grow Their Liquor Offer

Thanks are in order to lawmakers, suppliers and younger consumers for expanding the alcohol-beverage opportunity

CSP Magazine

Who's Turning Snacking on Its Head?

There’s a major influencer in the snack industry, one that’s affecting how all generations are consuming snacks and how manufacturers are bringing products to market.

Consumers have their cake and granola bars too—giving you twice the snack sales opportunity

But is merchandising seasonal-candy early a risky practice? Do you risk driving holiday-weary consumers away? As with most things retail, the answer’s in the numbers.

A look at taste trends and consumer tendencies driving five snack segments.

As consumers call for transparency, candy manufacturers begin unwrapping their ingredient lists.

How drug chains are pivoting toward c-stores’ sweet spot, and what to do about it.

New FDA rules require c-stores post nutritional info by December

Healthy kids’ meals ranked No. 4 in the National Restaurant Association’s “What’s Hot 2015 Culinary Forecast,” a survey of nearly 1,300 professional chefs. Also on the list were whole-grain items in kids’ meals (No. 14) and fruit/vegetable children’s sides (No. 19). But are convenience store-operators taking any notice?

To succeed with healthy beverages, it’s all about finding the appropriate product

Once reserved for truckstops and travel centers, diesel is wending its way into convenience-store locations. From NOCO sites in upstate New York to Wawa and Dash-In across the Mid-Atlantic region, diesel is not only winning space, it’s also capturing featured placement across the forecourt.

Convenience stores have a perception problem when it comes to selling fresh fruits and vegetables. Here are two retailers who are making it work.

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