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Store Tour: Green Day

Is it a convenience store? Is it a supermarket? Customers may ask these questions when they first visit Green Zebra Grocery in Portland, Ore., but they may not be able to answer—even after shopping the entire store.

More than half of the customers who walk through the doors of convenience stores are looking to buy healthy products—at least occasionally. But one-third of them don’t think our channel is doing a good job of offering them. C-stores need to assess the strategic role of healthy-food offerings and how they play into a broader brand message.

In the decade since the industry began embracing fresh-brewed coffee as a breakfast builder, the c-store channel appears primed to expand into gourmet blends.

Here's a look at the major pieces of foodservice equipment and how you can perform preventative maintenance on them.

With foodservice becoming more entrenched in c-stores’ retailing repertoire, we looked at some of the distinguishing factors driving growth for both quick-service restaurants (QSRs) and casual-dining establishments that may also work for you.

Strong margins, loyal customers go hand in hand with healthful snacks.

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