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Tech Notes

Data-security fuels trade-show innovation


PM USA Invests in R & D

New $350 million research center focuses on reduced risk tobacco products

Property security, weak dollar, c-store successes lure investors from abroad

BP puts more than 700 company stores on block, exits c-store ownership

Consumer, market legwork make Shell's biometric gamble a calculated risk

With Pay By Touch, oil company puts its finger on the pulse of its customers' lifestyles

Israeli deal for 26 Illinois stations falls through

Chain walks away from 100-plus store deal; two other buys "imminent'

Observers see significant change over next five years

Chevron sells programs to aid in product development, including loyalty

Smoker Friendly panel warns of tough legislative road ahead

Touts Texaco rebirth, help with credit-card fees at franchisee convention

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