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How C-Stores Can Capture Popeyes’ Chicken Sandwich Magic

A look at the QSR’s polarizing 2019—and what retailers can take away from it


FDA Warns 15 Companies for Illegally Selling CBD

Agency says suppliers have been marketing the ingredient in unlawful fashions

Specified menus, CBD, midmorning snacking and more

Turkey and coffee deals are highlights of holiday offerings

Part of new mobile foodservice game that rewards customers with coupons the longer they play

Items are available in three customizable varieties

U.S. consumers eating less meat, looking for healthier options, study says

More than half of company’s java now made from Rainforest Alliance Certified beans

Fourth location continues company's move into made-to-order foodservice

Displays menu items, topping suggestions, promotions, flavor descriptions and more

Free coffee, sandwiches, car wash among offers

What the future of cannabidiol looks like at the Boston-based convenience-store chain

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