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Snacks & Candy

Hershey Shines in Candy, Mint, Gum and Snack Sales

New packaging drives stronger shelf presence: exec

Snacks & Candy

Lay's Launches Operation Smile

Snack maker releases specialty bags to raise money to treat children with cleft conditions

Roughly 81% of consumers buy proprietary products on almost every shopping trip: study

Retailer will launch new supply-chain solution in its East Coast locations

E-commerce giant has better prices in one surprising product category, according to new study

Schlafke graduates Master Meat Crafter program

The best in categories such as candy bars, healthy snacks, breakfast and ice cream

New product won Graphic Design USA award for packaging

And 5% more than last year say candy will be their gift of choice

Expands product range, fills gap in portfolio

Says nine out of 10 people will purchase a bar once they taste it

Localized commercial launches the jerky brand’s new marketing campaign

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