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Getty Serves Eviction Notices

Getty Realty Corp. continues to try to regain possession of several of its Connecticut stations.


Shell Unveils New Fuel, Lubes Initiative

Launches cross-promotion with AutoZone; other refiners eye lube oil opportunities

Hackers are targeting fuel islands for thousands of dollars, and you might not even know it

A peek at how ExxonMobil's new loyalty program is faring

Getty asks bankruptcy court to evict retailers, then withdraws request

Buy fuel from Chestnut or stop using our pumps and get out

Retailer gearing for sponsorship role at London Olympics

Marketers bristle at plan to impose fines for high-Reid vapor pressure gas at retail

Marketers push back Kroger's attempt to amend California below-cost law

"Powerless," warns of "domino effect" of injunction in BP-dealer embroglio

Valero, Wal-Mart, Sam's Club announce settlements

Retailers want to know where their security deposits have gone

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