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Convenience Retailing University 2010

Innovation, inspiration and lots of talent

Even though it’s winter, one Southeast market may be in for a gasoline price war.

Bill L., BR sends sincere condolences to you and your family on the loss of your mom, Jackie.

Overheard at CRU: “My body is a temple. It used to be a sanitary landfill.”

See if you snagged a place in our fabulous CRU 2011 Photo Album.

Anyone else think Paul Miller = the “mayhem” guy from the Allstate commercials?

N.M. gets bonus points for creativity for hosting a cyber call from a stall in an airport bathroom.

BR sends condolences to Kit Dietz on the loss of his mom.

B.E., BR hears you’ve been dreaming about a life of leisure. Is it true?

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