Deborah L. Holand

Deborah Holand is a chief business consultant to the foodservice industry. She specializes in new concept development and revitalization to help operators create sound solutions to achieve financial results.

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Opinion: To Tame Ops Chaos, Open Your MAPS

I’m trying to build some standard operating procedures for my store managers around foodservice. What should we track on a daily, weekly and monthly basis?

Have your grab-and-go (GNG) program sales gone stale? Are you considering a made-to-order (MTO) sandwich program as a way of energizing financial results? If so, you may be ready to implement a proven strategy, the four P’s of profitability.

Our ops expert ponders: How do I pair the best items in combo meals and price them right?

How does one determine what’s a “right” amount of waste, and how should we factor it into our P&L? Here are some tips for measuring waste and creating realistic benchmarks.

Best Practices for Profitable Foodservice, Part Three in a Three-Part Series