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CSP Magazine

How to Track Customers With Wi-Fi

Doug Rodewald on tracking customers’ locations as they move through the store

CSP Magazine

Retailers Set to Defend the Durbin Amendment

In the battle of Main Street vs. Wall Street—c-stores vs. the banks—the big guy packs a wallop.

Tool automates store survey and price posting system

Joint venture to drive video advertising at the pump

System will consolidate data and increase retailer’s efficiency

Bipartisan legislation offers potential infrastructure revenue

Program offers tools to expand knowledge of in-store consumer behavior

Here are three ways the deal could redefine the order-ahead game

Company partnered with Conexxus to develop two new, open-sourced tools

Deal gives some businesses easier access to Chase Pay

CSP takes a whack at forecasting the next 80 years of fuel and auto disruption

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