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Industry View: It's Time for Some Changes

For years we have taken exception to so many pundits who emphatically state success is based on three factors: location, location and location. We have never agreed, knowing that retail success is based upon many factors, including market, market, market.

Living Life Without a Life Vest

Most of us wonder how we’ve ever survived some of the “questionable” things we have done in our lives and have reached the point that we have grown children and multiple grandchildren (with some in college).

“My,” you say, “how can blight in any shape or form present opportunity?” Well, it does appear to be happening, to the surprise of many through the promise and actions of aggre...

It amazes me that the old adage “What goes around comes around” applies in so many cases, both personally and professionally.

In Al Stewart’s 1978 song “Time Passages,” he uses the lyrics to document an individual’s journey in life and the changes that we will experience, whether we want to or not.

This fall marked the beginning of a new era for our family and com­pany associates, because we sent our oldest granddaughter off to college.

Failure to deliver on core values is a recipe for lost customers

The Circle of Life” is a notable song from the award-winning movie “The Lion King.” The chorus (written by Elton John) is:

As I write this, one of the Republican presidential candidates just finished his “campaign suspension” speech. I have not necessarily been a supporter, and that does not matter; what is relevant is the class of the speech and some of the points he made.

In early January, a convenience store/ retail fuel facility closed its doors.

Location alone cannot hinder nor promise success

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