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Opinion: Petrowski’s 2018 Petroleum Outlook

What the future holds for fuel demand, supply, margins and more in the year ahead


Opinion: A 10-Year Fuel Profit Snapshot

How increasing fuel diversity can grow retailers’ margin opportunity 

Petrowski presents his math and projections for the rest of the year

4 reasons traditional retailers are well-positioned to join in the 'creative destruction' 

The decision is ultimately about U.S. control over its destiny

Why prices are low, why they will stay low and what could reverse the plunge

Does your procurement and street-pricing staff perform these essential tasks?

Columnist Joe Petrowski offers his fuel-based proposal to pay for much-needed repairs to U.S. roads, airports and more

Joe Petrowski on why the long decline in c-store/motor-fuel sites is at an end, and where growth will come

The demand math adds up for higher crude prices, regardless of OPEC’s moves: Petrowski

Gulf Oil’s Petrowski on the qualities that make the ExxonMobil CEO an ideal pick

The top five attributes of an excellent commercial fuel supplier

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