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Joe Vonder Haar is the co-founder and managing partner of iSEE Store Innovations LLC. He can be reached at

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Ready for the Next Industrial Evolution

2 well-known names in convenience retailing share their takes on recent social issues

CSP Magazine

Opinion: Tools for Building a Better Box

Let me introduce you to my friend, and new partner, and his unique way of thinking

Nailing the 'triple win' in a three-tier system

It is hard not to be excited about what comes next.

C-stores are in a great position for humanizing the shopping experience

Appropriate use of similes and acronyms make for effective tools in communicating opportunities.

It is critical that suppliers understand the potential effects of the Food and Nutrition Service Proposed Rule on the very consumers SNAP is intended to assist.

The NACS Show offers significant actionable opportunities. Without a plan, however, the show’s four days can be overwhelming.

Convenience retailers can be grateful that 2014 is the year that suppliers across the board embraced the concept that your stores are the place to launch new categories, products and packages.

A brand-new RV makes thorough use of space through technology, taking every available inch and expanding living space when the vehicle was stationary for the night. The coolest reminded me of merchandising innovations such as mobile displays and suction-cup devices that create more efficient c-store spaces.

The beverage segment may well be convenience stores' front line of the battle for shopping trips, and it behooves operators to protect this niche and grow via the best means possible. Suggestion: Put your beer on ice.

Discovering what convenience store retailers deal with daily has been an adventure: inventory management, forecasting, write-offs, hiring, payroll, product development and logistics are among the areas that have become part of everyday activities for this old beer salesman. Cash flow was never part of my daily concerns, but it sure is now! From a more strategic perspective, our focus is now the culture that we are building, which will ultimately determine our company’s long-term viability.

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