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6 Insights From CSP’s Tobacco Update Webinar

Joe Teller and Nik Modi discuss electronic cigarettes, ITG Brands and the true impact of the FDA's "deeming" regulations


Johnson Requests Answers on ‘Costly Impact’ of Electronic-Cigarette Regulations

Letter to FDA calls for clarity on scientific evidence, economic ramifications, and consequences of ‘deeming’ rule

Hale details competition, consumers and opportunities for 2016 and beyond

Retail associations cite black market, loss of revenue concerns

Cigars and electronic cigarettes will be affected by the FDA’s deeming regulations—but could snus, heat-not-burn products and marijuana vaporizers be at risk too?

Cigar, electronic-cigarette advocates fire back on claims of youth usage and minimum age

Altria, Reynolds, ITG and Liggett raise prices by 7 cents

Unlikely pairing finds common ground in fuel and foodservice

Deal includes all Tantus products on the market before 2007 ‘grandfather’ date

The FDA has been following 46,000 U.S. residents ages 12 and up as part of the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) study. Here are four important takeaways.

Dating back to the Tobacco Control Act being signed into law in 2009, the conversation is picking up steam again. And the stakes could not be higher. Here’s a refresher on how we got to the current state.

Instead of building a bridge, the CTP director has blown up the nascent electronic-cigarette industry

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