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Mike Lawshe is the president and CEO of Paragon Solutions, a c-store and retail industry design and consulting firm based in Ft. Worth, Texas. Contact him at (817) 927-7171 or

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Who Is Your Mentor, and Whose Mentor Are You?

Building transformational relationships


10 Retail Transformations Forced by the Pandemic

And why I’m tired of hearing about COVID-19

It’s time to get out of wait-and-see mode and rethink your company’s future

Or, my look through the eyes of a millennial

How are you going to handle this latest game changer?

What would you do with a bare piece of land and a development limited by our vision and budget?

Do you want to be known as the store that has the best selection of cold beverages, or the store that listens to and cares about its customers? Guess what? You can do both.

Mike Lawshe on marketing in the age of Trump

We are so busy answering emails, texting and heading out on our next venture that we often don’t see what is right in front of us.

The challenge, as with all marketing, is to embrace the trend and create a buzz that will capture the imagination of the customers and increase your sales.

I can honestly say that in the design business, the more I embraced change, the more successful we have been as a company.

Sure, there are difference between generations, but designing a store for one age group might be a pleasant surprise for another

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