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Industry Views: Living a Grateful, Balanced Life

Retirement from one career should be a springboard for a new round of excitement and growth.

Closing Comments

With this column, I am ending 25 years of my day-to-day contact with CSP.

I loved the opinion page in our SOI issue, which talked about how there are no silver bullets. That’s true, but human nature does not really let us believe that.

Last month’s NACS SOI findings once again illustrated clearly that the story at the pump is not the best news. Gasoline margins keep trending down, retail prices are rising and overall consumption trends and volumes are declining.

Soon you will receive the joint CSP/NACS State of the Industry Summit Special Issue, which reports on all the latest industry numbers. Preliminary figures were reviewed last month in Chicago at the annual summit.

Let me ask you to read this column and pass it along. We need your help, so please join me with your care and support.

CSP, convenience store industry rally around one of their own: Rex Griswold

This is a month when we see how our new year’s resolutions play out. Based on the recent CSP Outlook Survey in our December issue, retailers were more bullish on business in the year ahead than they have been over the last few annual surveys.

In the wake of the recent elections, I keep thinking that the country seems more polarized than any other time I can recall. I wonder if my impression is skewed because here in Phoenix the contest was so intense and the outcome was disappointing to so many.

I was amazed to learn that since Presi­dent Abraham Lincoln’s death in 1865, there have been more than 16,000 books written about him, including four new ones that have either been or will soon be published.

If you were not at our Outlook Lead­ership conference in Salt Lake City in August, the next best way to experi­ence the entire three days of education, networking and once-in-a-lifetime moments is to turn to p. 53 and dive into our coverage.

One of the two most exciting parts of my career is when a new issue of CSP rolls off the press. More than 30 years since I first began work in publishing, my excitement has not waned. As I pick u...

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