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Dunkin’, Marriott Hit by Data Hackers

Situation suggests other chains could be affected


FDA to Differentiate Between Safe and Unsafe Romaine Lettuce

Agency is working on a new label for the leafy green

The food-safety watchdog says romaine supplies may have been contaminated with E. coli

Technomic's forecasts include Balkan fare, disruptors in third-party delivery and a shift in consumers’ social media habits

Spoiler alert: Seattle isn't No. 1

New name is part of effort to reposition the brand as a beverage specialist that sells doughnuts

First branded sites open in New York and New Jersey, with more slated in 2018

Lower corporate rates, breaks on equipment updates and more disposable income for consumers all on the table

Backs away from defining salary-level eligibility

Does the FDA have the same calendar we do?

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