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Richard Browne is vice president, marketing for Patriot Capital Corp. Contact him at Based in Atlanta, Patriot Capital specializes in enabling entrepreneurs to succeed by providing hassle-free equipment financing to retailers in the convenience-store and retail-petroleum fueling industries. Follow Patriot Capital on Twitter @PatriotCapital. Patriot Capital is powered by State Bank and Trust.

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Opinion: Making the Most of Tax Reform

Or, why 2018 is a good time to invest in new equipment

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A checklist to help retailers decide when they should invest in new pumps

Why the delayed deadline does not necessarily buy retailers more time

Which actions fuel retailers facing forecourt liability shift should take  

Deadline nears to take advantage this tax year

Both options come at a cost; should one be put ahead of the other?

A little known technique to reduce equipment-improvement costs by more than 10%

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Understanding the pros and cons of EMV POS and gas-pump investment

With required payment upgrades coming, now is the time to conduct a sitewide marketing technology plan

The EMV dilemma: Risk vs. reward, or why you need to make a conversion plan now

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