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Warren Rogers to Debut Fuel-Procurement Application

Cloud-based product offers secure fuel inventory and delivery information


Stop & Shop Debuts Reduced-Emissions Program

Program with GreenPrint launches at more than 100 East Coast fueling sites

Move sets up lengthy legal battle on states’ abilities to set own emissions standards

The details behind Sun Media Network’s Terrible Herbst partnership

Most states forcing electric-vehicle owners to pay more than gas-tax equivalent: report

Chain plans panels for more than 90 sites as it ramps up EV charging

Oregon distributor signs on its first customer for renewable diesel, biodiesel blend

Florida inspectors find several devices but minimal storm damage after hurricane

Chain demonstrates award-winning commitment to customers and community

Mobile units with smart screens will help drive in-store purchases

New law threatens fines to gas stations that do not post anti-tax labels

Alabama makes first stepped increase, Michigan stalls, New Jersey holds steady

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