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Minis Are King

In the retail world, middle-tier product varieties can often get pinched at the flanks--the victim of sales declines coming at the expense of smaller and larger brand counterparts. Welcome to the world of the standard-size 1.55-ounce candy variety, a longtime driver of chocolate impulse sales.

Confection Direction

Reilly Musser knows her customers love the new “hand-to-mouth” confection products—resealable, shareable pouches of unwrapped, bite-sized sweets. Musser, category manager for Santa Clara, Calif.-based Robinson Oil, which has 18 Rotten Robbie c-stores and a few kiosk-type locations, sees the upside of the trend toward bite-sized.

Despite declines in product launches, candy manufacturers strike big with shareable, snackable treats

Convenience foodservice doesn't have to be elaborate to wrest share from other channels

A bevvy of new packaging twists in the snus, cigar and e-cig subcategories focus on product freshness, quality, differentiation

VP Racing Fuels—with a reputation that precedes it with hard-core racing participants—recently announced it was diving headlong into the branded retail business, in essence striving to create a “super-retail brand.”

Packaging innovation runneth over in the beer category.

HBC opportunities for convenience store retailers

HBC remains a niche category, but opportunities for buoying sales exist.

Snacking trends evolving into more day-parts, each with own motivator

Amid subcategory's growth, retailers explore ways to right-size RYO/MYO mix.

Folding in Crescent Oil stimulates wholesale, renewable fuels ambitions

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