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C-Store Retailer, Restaurant Chain Follow M&M’s Lead

Candy brand reveals new ad with Maya Rudolph amid mascot mirth
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Mars has unveiled its first advertisement in Maya Rudolph's partnership with the the candy maker. This move follows the brand's statement regarding its M&Ms spokescandies taking an “indefinite pause,” to make room for Rudolph. And everybody wants to get in on the fun.

“M&M’s announcing that they’re getting rid of longstanding and (mostly) beloved mascots because of peer pressure is newsworthy,” Steve Merino, chief creative director at Aloysius Butler & Clark, said in a statement. “That being said, many brands use their Super Bowl moment as a chance to pull a publicity stunt. Remember when Planters faked getting rid of Mr. Peanut? We’ll see if this is real, or just a thin candy shell.”

In the video advertisement, Rudolph said, “I’m renaming America's favorite chocolate candies 'Ma&Ya’s'.” The brand also changed its Twitter name to Ma&Ya's.

The brand revealed that the candy characters would make a return with the Super Bowl.

While the iconic M&M’S characters are in fact spending some time pursuing their other passions in the lead-up to the game, consumers will ultimately see the story resolve during the Super Bowl, with the characters right where they belong at the heart of the brand, Mars told CSP. Rest assured, the characters are our official long-term spokescandies. There’s much more to come, and we’re confident that fans who have embraced the M&M’S brand purpose and the refreshed characters launched in the past year will be pleased to hear the update.

A convenience-store retailer and a restaurant chain joined in on the jokes, making statements of their own.

C-store retailer Weigel’s, Powell, Tennessee, released a statement that referenced the controversy in changing features on mascots and said, “We have determined that from this point forward, Ellie will be utterly udderless.”

A&W Restaurants, Lexington, Kentucky, put out a similar statement, also riffing on M&M’s “America, let’s talk” opening.

“We have decided that Rooty will wear jeans going forward,” the company said.

A&W followed up a day later, clarifying that the tweet was, in fact, a joke.

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