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Genesee Candy Land Rebrands Chocolate-Covered Bacon Products

Oinks chocolates are now available in convenience stores nationwide
oinks bacon truffles
Photograph courtesy of Genesee Candy Land & Fudge Factory

GOLDEN, Colo. – Genesee Candy Land & Fudge Factory, a wholesale manufacturer of specialty snacks, has rebranded its line of chocolate-covered bacon treats under the name Oinks.

The rebranded products include chocolate-covered bacon strips, bacon chocolate chip cookies and chocolate bacon truffles, the latter being the newest addition to Oinks’ lineup. These products are now available in convenience stores nationwide and fit under the premium chocolate umbrella.

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“Oinks is an innovative and playful brand that blends sweet and savory tastes from foods that are already loved individually to create uniquely sweet treats that stand alone,” said Lorri Alden, owner of Genesee Candy Land. “Our chocolate-dipped bacon products, including Applewood smoked and Jalapeno bacon strips, have been wildly successful, and bringing our best sellers together as a distinctive brand continues our evolution as candy makers. Our broader vision is to continue to disrupt the snacking category by blending loved foods to create new products.”

Golden, Colo.-based Genesee Candy Land & Fudge Factory produces a variety of chocolate candies and snacks. Besides the Oinks products, its portfolio includes Fudge Bites, Brownie Bites, Chocolate-Dipped Graham Crackers, Chocolate-Dipped Gummy Worms, Chocolate-Dipped Pretzels, Chocolate-Dipped Potato Chips and Hand-Rolled Caramels. The company was founded in 2015.

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