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Brand demonstrates goodwill, brand building with new video campaign

NEW YORK -- Kind Healthy Snacks is making good on its name, generating goodwill while hoping to achieve greater brand equity and increased market share.

On a mission “to make the world a little kinder one snack and one act at a time,” the New York-based healthy-snack-bar company launched a video campaign Dec. 12 that reinforces its mission by exploring the courage it takes to be kind toward strangers.

The video release, in conjunction with a nationwide contest, was part of Kind's effort to explore the difference between being nice and kind—an “often overlooked distinction that has tangible implications on how we act toward one another,” according to the messaging connected to the video.

“We’ve all been overwhelmed by the historic rifts tearing our country apart. The empathy and respect that are part of America’s DNA and part of what make our country so exceptional cannot be taken for granted,” said Daniel Lubetzky, founder and CEO of Kind Healthy Snacks.

“For years, Kind has explored how difficult it is to step out of one’s comfort zone and practice kindness—especially toward someone with whom you disagree," he said. "Now, more than ever, that extra effort is required to rediscover our shared humanity and tackle challenges related to misunderstanding and intolerance.”

To kick-start a conversation around the topic, Kind released a storytelling series that illuminates this distinction and plays up the following actionable themes:

  • Nice is polite but not always what we need to hear.
  • Kind is honest and stands its ground; nice can be passive.
  • Kind requires action and courage; nice doesn't add to problems.
  • Kind solves them; nice is something you say.
  • Kind is something you do, and nice doesn't bully.
  • Kind stands up to stop the bullying.

Kind is inviting people to share their own take on the difference between nice and kind by submitting a written essay, photo or video. A panel of judges, made up of entrepreneurs, creative storytellers, journalists and activists, will select three winners, who will receive $25,000 to donate to the charity of their choice.

While Kind established its roots in premium fruit and nut bars, it has evolved from its core to create an entirely new healthier snacking category based on the infusion of premium ingredients such as whole nuts, seeds, whole grains and pieces of fruit. This new effort is just another example of consumer packaged goods companies working to connect with consumers in positive ways, outside the products they sell.

Click here to learn more about the contest.

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