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Lovely Candy Debuts Organic Gummies

Line is first gummy made with honey as primary ingredient, company says

ALGONQUIN, Ill. -- Chocolate and candy maker The Lovely Candy Co. has launched a line of new Honey Gummy Bears, now available nationwide in 4- and 6-ounce packages for an SRP of less than $3. This marks the first gummy candy made with honey as the primary ingredient, according to the company.

The gummies arrive in assorted fruit flavors, including cherry, lemon, apple and orange, and assorted sour flavors, including cherry, strawberry and blue raspberry. Since honey is a natural sugar, the gummies have health benefits, such as reduced calories and hints of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Mike Nakamura, president of Lovely, said the company originally started to make candy more enjoyable for people who avoid gluten, GMOs and high fructose corn syrup. "We are committed to using the highest quality ingredients to create consciously crafted products that everyone can enjoy, not just those with dietary restrictions,” he said.

In March 2016, Lovely acquired the rights to produce and distribute the honey-based chocolates manufactured by Ashippun, Wis.-based Honey Acres Inc. Since then, Lovely has worked with Honey Acres to add a variety of products to its “consciously crafted” candy line, such as Organic Chocolate Covered Coconut Chips, Dark Chocolate Honey Truffles, Gluten Free Pretzel Balls and the new Honey Gummy Bears.

Algonquin, Ill.-based Lovely Candy Co. produces assorted chocolates and candies. Besides the Honey Gummy Bears, its products include caramels, mints, licorice, chocolate truffles, pretzel balls, coconut chips and fruit chews.


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