Family Express scored the highest craveability rating of any c-store brand. The Valparaiso, Ind.-based chain offers both national and proprietary brand products, including pizza, Italian subs, muffins and doughnuts—the latter was voted the most craveable item at Family Express stores. Its doughnuts are made fresh in the company’s bakery and delivered to stores every day, coming in cake, cream-filled, glazed, frosted, sprinkled and seasonal varieties, as well as its famous Square Donut. One consumer gave the chain an “excellent” craveability rating because of its “good prices and excellent doughnuts and muffins.”

Besides geometric doughnuts, the chain’s upscale pizza is another craving driver. At the aptly named “Cravin’s To Order” station, customers can order Cheese Garlic Pizza, Mediterranean Pizza, BBQ Bacon Chicken Pizza and Breakfast Pizza. Customers can also customize their slices at an ordering kiosk. Selling consumers on made-to-order offerings requires a certain amount of good will, which Family Express appears to have earned. Several consumers mentioned the trustworthiness of the brand as a reason for their rating.