More than 10% of consumers described Rutter’s sandwiches as craveable, the highest of any item on its menu. Sandwich options include the Grilled or Fried Chicken Club, Reuben, Pulled Pork and Patty Melt, as well as boundless ingredients for customizable build-your-own creations. The chain also differentiates its sandwich offerings with seafood. The York, Pa.-based chain offers upward of 25 varieties of fish options, more than any other convenience store in central Pennsylvania, according to the company. The roster includes Fried Shrimp Tacos and a Tavern Battered Cod Sandwich.

Rutter’s also menus more than 80 local ingredients, which the brand lists on its website. Local is not just a buzzword for the chain, which appointed a fresh and local category manager earlier this year. One patron who rated their recent visit as excellent said, “I can get local specialties [like] red beet eggs and Lebanon bologna I can’t get elsewhere.”