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DIRECTV for BUSINESS℠ entertainment packages are designed to support the unique demands of multi-location businesses. You can get everything you need—from exclusive sports coverage to the simplicity of having one provider for all of your locations. 

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Recruit and Retain Top Talent with Back-of-House Solutions

What can retailers do to broaden their applicant pool and to retain new recruits?


Breakroom TVs can help boost employee job satisfaction—here’s how

It’s been nearly a year since the pandemic first turned the convenience-store industry on its head, and for retailers, the road to recovery largely involves recruiting and retaining skilled employees amid the ever-changing landscape.

The pandemic has changed—and in some cases, altogether cancelled—some of television’s biggest sporting events, leaving retailers who had counted on gameday sales of food and beverages looking for ways to get creative.

It’s the classic gameday conundrum: Nobody wants to watch the game without a cold beer or craveable snack in hand, yet devoted fans don’t want to miss a minute of the action while replenishing their supply of food and drinks.

While filling up on gas, c-store customers can purchase their morning coffee or breakfast and shop for any other items they need without making another stop.

C-store retailers are now competing with restaurants as they try to create in-store experiences not just through food and drinks but television services. Here's how.

Convenience store operators are rethinking the design of their stores amid evolving consumer expectations around foodservice. As operators upgrade their offerings to include more made-to-order prepared foods, they are also taking steps to revamp the entire in-store experience.

Televisions with special programming offer just one type of tool c-stores are finding they can use to “hook” their customers and get them to stay longer.

Convenience store retailers have two challenges: meeting consumer needs and satisfying employee expectations.

Beyond influencing customers to spend more time inside the c-store, TVs can create a more pleasant environment for those who want to eat or drink their food or beverage while still at the store.

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