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CBD Vapor: What Retailers Need to Know

Still a relative newcomer on retail shelves, CBD products, and CBD vapor in particular, are on an ascent to becoming a convenience store go-to. Now’s the time for retailers get involved and leverage d...


CBD Drink Market Recap: What Retailers Need to Know

CBD is at the forefront of product innovation across many convenience categories, boasting loyal buyers for edible, topical and vape-able formats. Familiar formats tend to bring products closer to con...

Recent years have marked a turning point in CBD’s journey from retail novelty to mainstream product offering; as the category becomes more established—and as retailers and consumers become more knowle...

Find trusted vapor partners, like E-Alternative Solutions (EAS), who are committed to making sure retailers are set up for success before and during FDA’s PMTA process. How can retailers ensure their e-vapor inventory will be compliant come September 9th?

E-Alternative Solutions (EAS) is committed to making sure retailers understand the importance of FDA’s PMTA process. Which vapor products on your shelf will meet FDA expectations?

In these weeks leading up to the deadline, retailers need to ask themselves is if their store is ready.