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Ensuring A Competitive Return by Offering E15

. Today, a growing number of retailers are choosing to offer E15, and not just for today’s consumer.


From Your Fuel Tank to The Racetrack: E15 Delivers

One of the most commonly talked about benefits of E15 is the cost savings it provides consumers.

Here’s an update on the state of E15 sales with a few retailers.

Retailers are making the choice to replace their diesel offerings in favor of E15 and other blends of ethanol.

With consumer interest in biofuels on the rise, sales of E15 fuel have flourished in the past year.

The market share for E15 fuel continues to expand, and some say it’s only a matter of time until critical mass is reached toward even wider scale adoption.

American drivers have surpassed 2 billion miles on E15. It’s a mile marker the product has sailed by quickly after a much longer haul to the first billion mark.

“Customers are happy with higher octane and retailers are happy because their margins are significantly better with E15,” says Steve Walk, chief operating officer of Protec Fuel.

The third annual “Pink Out” promotion for Minnoco is underway.

When E15 fuel entered the market in 2010, it was approved for use in vehicles 2001 and newer. Now, 2001 and newer vehicles represent about 90% of cars on the road.

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