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Salty Snacking Insights: A Q&A with Christopher Ferro of The Hershey Company

Christopher Ferro, Director of Small Format, Salty Snack Sales, discusses growth drivers among the salty snack category to help drive retailer profits.

Snacks & Candy

Top it Off: The Vital Role Desserts Play in Boosting Sales

Offering dessert items help drive impulse buys for retailers

As foodservice offerings have become more competitive, sales are soaring.

How bundle deals on every day- low cost items can help drive sales.

Protein is the No. 1 nutrient that consumers are looking to add to their diet, with 62% of consumers actively seeking to include protein in their daily diet, according to a 2021 IFIC Food and Health S...

Q&A with Herb Ring, Director, National Foodservice Sales, The Hershey Company

Protein snacks gain an increasingly expanding audience

How consumer insights can help retailers understand how inflation is changing how customers shop.

As retailers plan for 2023 and beyond, they can look to reward or loyalty programs to provide category management expertise.

How to best maximize growth opportunities for salty snack sales in c-stores.

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