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Snacks & Candy

More Better-for-You Choices in 2021

How can retailers appeal to consumers who want snacks, but may be looking for healthier alternatives?

Snacks & Candy

Afternoons are for Sweet and Salty Snacks

More than just a meal replacement or a bridge between larger meals, afternoon snacks are increasingly being asked to perform the dual task of satisfying both the desire for an indulgent treat and creating a feeling of satiation.

KIT KAT® DUOS MOCHA + CHOCOLATE is that delicious combo of mocha coffee flavor and chocolate

New REESE’S Snack Cakes are the first-of-its kind mid-morning cake treat.

When retailers partner with manufacturers to understand the total retail experience, they can unlock growth for their stores.

Investing in technology and being digitally savvy is more important today than ever before, especially when it comes to communicating with c-store retailers of all sizes.

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