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Snacks & Candy

Snacking Drives Trips at C-Store

The global pandemic has accelerated a number of shopping behaviors, but the truth is that consumers have been changing they way they shop for much longer. Digital tools are making purchasing from home, or on-the-go easier, and increasing “mission-based” shopping.  But, even though consumers are changing how they are shopping, snacking continues to make c-stores a destination for consumers.

Snacks & Candy

Planning for Unplanned Purchases

From a trip mission perspective, chocolate candy remained the top unplanned category within c-store, with instant consumables leading the way as shoppers looked to confection to treat themselves or find comfort.

More than ever, consumers are choosing snacks based as much on when they eat them and the job they do, rather than simply choosing a go-to brand or flavor. Offering snacking options by time of day has become an important part of any snacking portfolio. Satisfying these new occasions requires retailers to choose between offering more brands and more options or relying on power brands to offer innovative snacking options that meet a variety of needs.

Over the past 18 months, retailers have lived with the axiom that “uncertainty is the only certainty that there is.”

Despite reduced innovation, bakery snacks continue expanding at the expense of ready-to-eat yogurt and cold cereal, as the growth favors snacks with little to no prep and portability.

Despite reduced innovation, bakery snacks are expanding at the expense of ready to eat yogurt and cold cereal, as the growth favors snacks with little to no prep and portability.

How can retailers appeal to consumers who want snacks, but may be looking for healthier alternatives?

More than just a meal replacement or a bridge between larger meals, afternoon snacks are increasingly being asked to perform the dual task of satisfying both the desire for an indulgent treat and creating a feeling of satiation.

New REESE’S Snack Cakes are the first-of-its kind mid-morning cake treat.

KIT KAT® DUOS MOCHA + CHOCOLATE is that delicious combo of mocha coffee flavor and chocolate

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