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What a Preference to Pay at the Pump Means for Brands

It’s no surprise that gasoline is the most common item purchased from convenience stores. In a recent survey conducted by Intouch Insight, 80% of consumers reported purchasing gasoline during a typica...


The Good, the Bad, and the Future of Last Mile Services

Precipitated by the rise in health and safety concerns in 2020, brands worked quickly to roll out any and all alternative shopping methods they could in order to connect with their customers. But, des...

The 2022 Convenience Store Trends Report by Intouch insight outlines 5 key trends impacting convenience stores and gas stations, so you can make data-driven business decisions to improve your customer experience.

Coffee is a big part of many consumers’ daily routines. Whether it’s a kick of caffeine in the morning or a little boost to power through the afternoon, just under 75% of consumers surveyed said they ...