OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions

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Bringing Two Technologies to One Wash Package

Innovative car-washes have the advantages of both touch-free and soft-touch styles in one wash package, creating an ideal equipment option for wash operators.


5 Ways Car Wash Technology Can Improve Profitability

Here are five distinct ways that advancements in smart in-bay touch-free wash technology can enhance the return on investment.

There are, however, five secrets that all successful car wash owners know will help maximize revenue.

There are six noteworthy ways that a current or prospective car wash owner can leverage the distributor relationship in optimizing their business.

Too often, putting off car wash preventative maintenance is looked at as an easy way to decrease costs.

With improved support channels and advanced technology, vehicle wash systems have never been more lucrative.

Nothing is more critical to the success of a car wash than an experienced and trusted distributor.

If retailers have a car wash and don’t have a customer-loyalty program in place, they’re missing out on potential revenue.

While your convenience store is most likely already a fixture in town, a car wash further ingrains your site in the fabric of the community.

Convenience-store owners across the country are cleaning up by tapping into the $20 billion car-wash industry.