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Modern Loyalty: Using AI to Drive IA

Today’s successful loyalty programs rely on personalization.


Loyalty Programs, Employee Perks Programs Help Two Convenience Chains Grow

These programs have come a long way since visit punch-cards—with modern technology, loyalty promotes consumer engagement, fosters relationships with the brand, drives incremental visits and spend and ultimately drives revenue. 

The future of convenience stores is bright—and it’s built on personalized guest experiences and a rich technology suite.

What if customers paid you to be a part of a brand? Consider all of the new ways brands could incentivize these customers—to make an extra visit, try a new product or build their basket—if these consumers already committed to spending money with a certain brand before they ever set foot inside the door.

Designing a loyalty program can feel like a daunting task with endless decisions to make.

Online ordering has long been a staple of the restaurant industry, but for many convenience stores, off-premise ordering and delivery remains a fairly novel concept.

Convenience stores have a great opportunity to capitalize on this trend and generate additional revenue by keeping their customers coming back.

How do you get repeat visits and increase the number of customers coming into your stores every day? With more and more retailers across various channels and industries entering the convenience spa...

Loyalty programs can have an astounding impact on a business, increasing visits, spend and overall revenue both immediately and for years to come.

Coffee seems like such a small purchase, but it can really be a catalyst for changing customers’ behavior and generating more revenue.

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