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How Automation Software Helps Retailers Stay Competitive and Compliant

Automation via software can help with an array of tasks, from inventory to point of sale and more, allowing c-store operators to import and export data—and analyze it—with accuracy and speed. Here’s a few ways automation can help.


3 Ways to Innovate Foodservice with Technology

There are multiple forms of technology on the market that can make it easier for retailers to explore and embrace whichever trends make sense to their stores.

Cloud computing is here to stay and more convenience stores are seeing the advantages.

Technology-based rewards programs are helping to address today's c-store obstacles.

If retailers are still only catering to Bubba, they’re greatly handicapping their foodservice business.

For retailers working on building and launching a new program, or improve an existing one, there are plenty of resources that can help ensure success.

When it comes to low profit margin lottery tickets, every dime of a sale and every minute spent tracking them adds up.

Consumers are coming to expect more when they enter a c-store, especially from foodservice offerings.

As society is more connected now than ever before, technology has changed the way consumers interact with software and with each other.

While many operators are making a play for foodservice, and several are doing it very well, a huge challenge is managing these programs, says Donna Hood Crecca, senior director with Technomic.

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