Skupos is a helping bring data analytics solutions to all players of the convenience store industry. We record billions of transactions every year for forward-thinking stores, brands, and distribution partners around the country. We have developed data analytic tools for thousands of customers in thirty eight states across the country and continue to ensure insights are seamless from end-to-end in the convenience store industry.

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Promotions, Insights Help Brands Battle Cost Pressures

Convenience store retailers and their suppliers are facing a wide range of challenges that are putting pressure on profitability, from rising labor costs to product price inflation and other operation...


Overcoming Distribution Challenges in Independent Convenient Retail

Learn about how to focus distribution resources in the c-store market, and ultimately get into more independent doors.

Skupos designed the 2021 Summer Traffic Jam—a national, multi-brand campaign marketed towards retailers and consumers alike, powered by Skupos’ Engage platform and hosted during peak traffic months.

Here are some key insights, from a bird’s-eye view of the landscape to brand-specific trends in CPG.

Despite tough circumstances, the industry has made (and sustained) some big gains.

During 2020, consumer buying behavior shifted, with many shoppers gravitating more towards products they were already familiar with.

Living Essentials, LLC (“LE”) faced an obstacle that many brands in the convenience-store space know all too well.

As shopping behaviors adopted during the pandemic persist in 2021, retailers have an opportunity to capture higher rings by promoting larger pack sizes, particularly in beverage categories.

But what makes the current retail opportunity different from pre-COVID is the market basket.

To capitalize on the advice for each archetype, take this short three question quiz to see what type of retailer you are.

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