The State of Snacking 2020

The State of Snacking 2020

Indulgent Examples

Dunkaroos from General Mills. General Mills launched Dunkaroos this spring, bringing back the cookie and icing combo popular in the ’90s to c-stores

The State of Snacking 2020

Healthier Profiles

Healthier profiles are becoming table stakes in the snacking game, according to Packaged Facts.

Premier Protein’s Crunchy Nut Bars are packed with 12 grams of protein, 6 to 7 grams of fiber and 4 grams of sugar.

The coronavirus pandemic was more than a health scare. It also drove an economic downturn, pushing the U.S. into a recession with stock market challenges and double-digit unemployment.

The coronavirus put an added emphasis on health. But despite consumers moving toward better-for-you snacks in recent years, indulgence remains a key driver in the salty-snack market

Consumers are looking for snacks that are bolder, spicier, unique and have unexpected flavor combinations and global flavors

Perfetti Van Melle’s Fruit-tella Soft Gummies are soft, chewy candy that will ship this fall. They’re made with fruit puree as the first ingredient

Large pack size is a trend Smartt has seen come out of the COVID-19 crisis.

Snack trends walk the fine line between indulgence and health amid COVID-19

General Mills has expanded the flavor profile of its Chex Mix Max’d line of snacks. In addition to Spicy Dill and Buffalo Ranch,

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