The coronavirus pandemic was more than a health scare. It also drove an economic downturn, pushing the U.S. into a recession with stock market challenges and double-digit unemployment.

Reviewing trends that arose from the 2008 recession, Chicago-based data firm IRI said the following strategies are relevant again:
> Value is key.
> Reach consumers in the home.
> Align strategies with new consumer rituals.
> Educate to activate.

IRI said c-stores may lose some traditional impulse buying with more people ordering online and being cautious. There also may be switches to private-label brands as unemployment levels rise. And while it’s not clear what the rebound from COVID-19 will look like, if it’s quick, the industry may see snack innovation at the end of 2020 and into 2021 focus on variety, functional and experiential attributes. Trends may include offering snack kits to expand into different occasions, snack pairings and snacks infused with CBD, essential oils or some other enhancements.