The State of Snacking 2023

The State of Snacking 2023

Product Trends

“We’re looking into 2023 and new and creative ways to drive sales,” says Charlie Iszard, center store manager for CrossAmerica Partners LP, Allentown, Pennsylvania. “We’re working on optimizing a lot more of our endcaps to be more and more impulse with the bestsellers. We’re trying to continually figure out how to optimize our promotions. The question is: How deep of a discount do you have to do to make the offer work? We’re experimenting as we speak.”

The State of Snacking 2023

Winning With Add-ons

Food and drink make up more than 90% of checkout area purchases, and alongside beverages and candy, snacks are a top category in the space, so optimizing queues is key, says The Hershey Co.

The smaller snack sizes are what work best for Huck’s traditional c-store consumer base, says Adams: “It’s the immediate consumption bags.”

What snackers want ... and how to sell what they don't know they need

C-stores have the second-highest share in commercial foodservice, 17%, after QSR, 58%, according to Circana. Pairing those foodservice items with snacks can lead to higher basket rings.