Alon Brandslatest store targets a different kind of customer than that of most convenience stores. The 7-Eleven licensee built this site in an affluent neighborhood that is also bustling with commuters. To meet the needs of a diverse consumer base, every zone offers a blend of private-label products and premium brands.

The destination zones are accented by bold colors, catchy graphics and custom signage. The foodservice and wine areas are set apart with floor tiles different from those in the center store. And there is a drive aisle straight to the full-service food offerings.

“It is no secret that foodservice—notably fresh and customized—is rapidly becoming an industry necessity if we are to grow and remain relevant,” said Jonathan Ketchum, senior vice president of retail for Alon Brands. “Toward that end, we have created customized zones that play to customers’ desire to quench their thirst for hot or cold beverages, and also cater to their desire for indulgence.”

Alon Brands

What the Experts Say

Big, bold and subtle: These three words seem incongruous at first, but that is how I describe Alon Brands’ store design. The tall open ceilings and large expanses of color and texture, along with the Big Ass Fan (It’s the name of the fan!), take care of the big. The pops of color, the Grape Escape and the commitment to innovative programs such as their barista program are all bold. Finally, the graphics, the subway tile and the textures subtly guide customers through the store in what is not your typical 7-Eleven. I like the way the white fixtures play off the large format tile. There is a lot to like in this design by Alon Brands. —Mike Lawshe, president and CEO, Paragon Solutions