Molo Cos.’ 2016 iteration of its Big 10 Mart was an effort to diversify its revenue streams by developing distinct points of differentiation, recognizing the fact that heavy reliance on fuel, beer and cigarettes is a thing of the past.

The 4,200-square-foot model is designed to give customers a proprietary food and beverage experience as soon as they walk through the doors. Traditional c-store merchandise is pushed to the sides, while fresh food and beverages take center stage.

Food is produced on-site fresh daily by a trained chef and then placed out for sale in a self-service environment. At the time of the grand opening, the chain’s next step was a proprietary made-to-order food concept with an expanded fresh menu “to differentiate us in the market even further,” said Brian Matlock, vice president of marketing and retail operations at the time of publication.

Big 10 Mart

What the Experts Say

The architecture of this Big 10 Mart, with tall windows and a strong continuous awning, draws your eye into the retail space with the “eyebrow” awning targeting the front door. The brick, wood and stone textures are broken by graphic interrupters that cause the customer to pause and take notice. Geometric patterns and murals subtly guide the consumer throughout the store. Innovative checkout design finishes the daily trip to Big 10 Mart, where the employees are there to help you and thank you. The final touch is a fireplace just to let you know that you are home. —Mike Lawshe, president and CEO, Paragon Solutions