This 10,000-square-foot Kim's Convenience Store in Frankston, Texas, is a hybrid of a typical c-store, grocer and restaurant. It was designed with help from Paragon Solutions, Fort Worth, Texas.

The store has two entrances: one taking customers to the grocery area, and the other to the c-store section with food offerings. “Having been in both the restaurant and c-store business, and having worked in grocery when I was a kid, it just seemed a good idea to combine all three,” said owner Kim Cole. “We want to offer customers convenience, but also a place where they can fill in without having to go to a big store for their groceries.”

Kim's Convenience Store

What the Experts Say

Kim’s is like taking a step back in time. The entire store seems to harken back to days of old when quality and service were king. Simple, clean lines accented by traditional materials give the storefront a classic look. Inside, the store has a clean, simple and very approachable presentation. It is clear, Kim was trying to bring an understated quality image to the entire store that would embrace the history of Frankston, Texas. —Mike Lawshe, president and CEO, Paragon Solutions