Maverik convenience stores' 2016 store format emphasizes the brand's positioning around “Adventure's First Stop,” with an even deeper emphasis on bringing the outdoors inside.

Canoes hanging from its store ceilings and loyalty-club giveaways ranging from a Lamborghini to a boat all help the chain stand out.

The design vision uses phrases such as “blaze the trail,” “feed your adventure” and “food you crave” to set the tone. Following the brand philosophy, “show them, don’t tell them,” the store themes are meant to showcase foodservice destinations such as Bonfire Grill. The Bonfire Grill concept is front and center in the store, emphasizing to customers that food is made fresh in each of Maverik’s locations.


What the Experts Say

Go big or go home! That had to be the direction given to the designers of the new Maverik store. As designers, we have to be careful sometimes not to pull the customers eye away from the product too much. There is also an exception to every rule, and this is one of those. If you were to take Rainforest Cafe and combine it with Six Flags and throw in a bit of outdoorsy fun from all over the country, you might get close to this look. The design uses a blue ceiling to imitate the sky and adds 3D components throughout the store. The result is definitely a wow. —Mike Lawshe, president and CEO, Paragon Solutions