With this Express convenience store, NOCO Energy Corp. sought to give the Grand Island, N.Y., community a store with an overall cleaner, brighter look, a focus on fresh grab-and-go foods and an expanded product selection.

“As soon as you walk into this store, which is open 24 hours daily, you are greeted by a vast checkout counter, which is new to our store model and enhances overall customer service,” said Michael Newman, executive vice president of NOCO.

Because this community already had many of NOCO’s other “store within a store” franchises such as Subway, Tim Horton’s and Mighty Taco, the c-store chain used this location to introduce a brand-new foodservice concept: U-Swirl Frozen Yogurt.

“We didn’t just introduce a convenience-store model; we introduced a full-service location, featuring up to 20 fat-free flavors and more than 60 toppings,” Newman said. Customers serve themselves and pay per ounce.

NOCO Express

What the Experts Say

NOCO Express’ signature green corporate color welcomes you into its latest store design. From the canopy to the awning and logo, pops of green draw you into the store, where you will be wowed. Open ceilings and unique light fixtures bring an airy open feeling from the moment you cross the threshold. Warm browns and wood tones make the morning coffee stop a relaxing experience. Food photography brings pops of fresh colors throughout to communicate all the fresh offerings. The best thing about NOCO’s store design is the wonderful use of color. Color can be your friend in good design. —Mike Lawshe, president and CEO, Paragon Solutions