In 2016, Pops 66 took its soda-centric convenience-store concept and gave it a foodservice focus for a new location in the Oklahoma City suburb of Nichols Hills. Designed by Rand Elliott of Elliott & Associates, who also designed the original Pops 66, the 5,000-square-foot store invites locals and road trippers alike to linger, gravitating away from the quick-turnaround focus of traditional c-stores.

“We have transitioned away from the fast-paced convenience and quick customer turn of the c-store concept and invite people to stay awhile,” said Marty Doepke, vice president of Pops LP.

Customers are invited to grab something to eat, browse the massive collection of pop or wander the 3-acre property. With Wi-Fi and increased seating in the dining area and back patio, the retailer hosts business meetings, birthday parties, baby showers and even wedding receptions.

Pops 66

What the Experts Say

Pops 66 is a wonderful step back in time. The use of strong colors popping off a white background throughout the store brings me back to a time when life was simpler. Without overwhelming the customer with heavy complicated graphics, Pops 66 uses subtle, gentle reminders of yesterday at every turn. The soda fountain is beautifully simple with the stools bringing pops of color like M&M’s on a stick. I love design like this that is so thoughtful and subtle that it nudges you in a direction and lets your imagination take you the rest of the way. —Mike Lawshe, president and CEO, Paragon Solutions