Ricker’s main focus when designing a store is providing a great work environment, said Ricker Oil President and CEO Quinn Ricker. “That being said, a component of having a great work environment for our people, and a place that attracts our customers, is a great-looking store,” he said.

To that end, Ricker’s aims for an upscale atmosphere to help differentiate its stores.

This Indianapolis site includes a French-inspired atrium clad in stone. Inside, “we use a rich wood laminate to cover all our cabinets, walls are covered in subway tile, and our store-within-a-store coffee area makes use of glass mosaic tile,” Ricker said.

This Ricker’s c-store also offers deli sandwiches. And even though Indiana c-stores cannot sell cold beer, Ricker included a beer cave for when the laws change.

The bathrooms have touchless Bradley sinks. The soap dispenser, water and hand dryer are all built into the sink. “Restrooms are very important to us,” Ricker said, “because we didn’t want to get our foodservice offer ahead of our bathrooms.”


What the Experts Say

The high-quality materials stand out throughout Ricker’s prototype store. On the outside, brick and stone are combined with a standing seam roof to convey a sense of quality. You know these guys mean business. Inside the store, materials such as granite, subway tiles blended with mosaic tiles and metal fixtures create an ambiance that will look good for a long time to come. On top of that are clean and effective graphics that work well. My favorite part of this store is the coffee section. The subway tiles make a nice backdrop, and Ricker’s takes advantage with some great pops of color at eye level on the urns. —Mike Lawshe, president and CEO, Paragon Solutions