Supplier Showcase FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to commonly-asked questions and key features of the Supplier Showcase for Independents. Questions are in bold text and grouped by topics. Look for a topic or specific question and read the answer directly below.

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Things to know about the Supplier Showcase for Independents

Q. How many manufacturers are participating in the Showcase?
The founding group includes six manufacturers. 

Q. What information do manufacturers provide?

  • Product offers (up to 20 products)
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Suggested Plan-o-grams
  • Category management tips
  • Category research by the manufacturer
  • Contact information and how an independent retailer can do business with the supplier

Q. How often is the information from a manufacturer updated?
Quarterly, or as a product is launched.

Q. Does the Supplier Showcase include contacts for the manufacturers?

Q. Am I required to register to use the site?
No. But registration is required to apply for

Q. How does a retailer learn about rebate programs?
Participating manufacturers link to MSA's, where a retailer can apply and learn how to qualify for rebates.

Q. Can I order products through this site?
No. Products are ordered through your wholesale supplier, or in some cases, through the manufacturer.

Q. How can I order directly from a manufacturer?
Each manufacturer offers information on "how to do business with me" and includes information on how to order their products for your stores.

Q. Can I meet other independent store operators through this site?
Not yet, but future development may offer retailers a forum or message board for communicating with each other.