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JT International U.S.A. Inc. is a member of the Japan Tobacco Group of Companies, a leading international tobacco manufacturer. With headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, and about 27,000 employees worldwide, JTI has operations in more than 120 countries. JTI U.S.A. offers three distinctive brands of cigarettes that appeal to adult consumers – Wave, Export ‘A’ and WINGS.

Click here to learn more about JTI U.S.A. The company suggests independent retailers call the 800-number for more information on products.


Summer 2014 - e-Vapor Volume Trends by Trade Channel

Courtesty of MSA
e-Vapor Trends

The convenience channel leads the way in sales of electronic nicotine products. e-Vapor is an ever-changing and growing category, with new products such as liquids, vapors and mods

Click the image to read the summary and link to the full MSA study of wholesale shipments by channel, types and brands.

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